Real Estate Private Equity Firms 2019-20

Active middle-market real estate private equity

Below is the list of private real estate investors selected from Capital Brain databank. The selection is based on the firm’s relative activity in the industry.

To construct this list we focused on the firms that predominantly raise funds from non-institutional investors and invest in middle-market real estate (deals in $10 million – $50 million range) and those firms that structure JV partnerships with local operators.

  1. AMG Capital
  2. Bluerock Real Estate, LLC
  3. Brookwood Financial Partners
  4. Capital Square Holdings, LLC
  5. CORE Real Estate Capital
  6. MLG Companies
  7. Pensam Capital, LLC
  8. Syndicated Equities
  9. Chestnut Development Partners
  10. Bristol Group
  11. Pacific Urban Residential
  12. CommonWealth Partners
  13. GI Partners
  14. First Washington Realty

AMG Capital

With its data-driven approach to maximizing investment value, AMG Capital has become a trusted assets management company over the years. Identifying and attacking opportunities though finding capital voids, market inefficiencies, and anticipating economic cycles, AMG has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to perform for its investors.

Bluerock Real Estate, LLC

With its headquarters in Manhattan, Bluerock Real Estate serves as a private equity real estate asset manager with expertise in Core-Plus, Value-Add, Opportunistic and Developmental strategies. The firm’s principals have 25 years of investing experience on average, acquired over 30 million square feet of real estate, with 9 million under Bluerock, and continue to grow across the nation.

Brookwood Financial Partners

Brookwood is a private investment firm serving its investors since 1993. The company specializes in acquisitions of real estate and corporate securities, with its portfolio topping $1.5 billion in aggregate. Brookwood has recently launched multiple co-investment vehicles in 2015.

Capital Square Holdings, LLC

Having created over 100 investment offerings and managing the offerings’ $3 billion worth, Capital Square Holdings works to maximize both its private and institutional investors through real estate investment and advising. Capital has been involved in Delaware Statutory Trusts, Tenant-In-Common and other publicly registered real estate trusts.

CORE Real Estate Capital

MLG offers real estate investment services to institutional or individual investors, with its key idea of carrying out “meticulously executed real estate investment strategies”. Always seeking to create partnerships, MLG strives to bring high returns to its investors.

Pensam Capital, LLC

With their 50 years of combined real estate experience, founders Joe Ackerman, Gavin Beekman and Michael Stein started Pensam Capital in 2009. In 2010, Pensam and BH Companies worked together to manage multifamily assets across the U.S.; In 2013, Pensam launched its Preferred Equity Program, and now it strives to both manage multifamily properties and provide bridge funding secured by real estate.

Syndicated Equities

For 25 years, Syndicated Equities has created attractive returns to its clients by evaluating, structuring, and managing their real estate investments. With knowledge in stabilized retail, office, parking, and government properties, Syndicated Equities has also worked with 1031 Exchanges, and has provided over $750 Million in credit.

Chestnut Development Partners

Chestnut Development Partners II, LP is the second fund from Chestnut Real Estate; the first is aptly named Chestnut Development Partners, LP. Chestnut Development focuses on primary and secondary U.S. markets, and seeks to invest $1 million to $5 million in retail and healthcare properties. It’s typical hold period ranges from 3-7 years. Anchor Health Properties, a JV partner of Chestnut Development, is expected to grow to $50 million in equity.

MLG Companies

MLG Private Fund III is the newest addition to the MLG Private Funds series; the funds aim to acquire geographically diverse commercial real estate assets, ranging from $5-55 million. MLG has an 8% cumulative preferred return, targeted IRR returns of 13-15% over a 5 year period, and has the potential to achieve $150 million. The third private fund places emphasis on multi-family, industrial, and office acquisitions.

Bristol Group

Bristol Group invests in assets that are in need of recapitalization, re-tenanting, or repositioning. The fund also looks into fee simple or leasehold interests, joint ventures, options, and sub-performing and nonperforming loans. Apartments, office, and retail are also possible assets. The fund aims for an investment size of $10 million to $1 billion.

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