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Avatar Financial Group funds real estate loans that don't meet bank standards and for borrowers who don't have time to wait. Avatar Financial Group was founded as a hard money lender by Jerry Zevenbergen, our CEO and T.R. Hazelrigg IV, our President. They bring experience, integrity, and a seasoned team of professionals to the hard money lending niche. Avatar Financial Group was founded in 2003 in Seattle, WA. Our offices are just north of Seattle's famous Space Needle in the Belltown district. Although we are often on the road visiting potential properties, our offices are always staffed and we can review potential deals from anywhere in the nation. Avatar is a unique type of hard money lending company. We are a portfolio lender that's institutionally funded and have full control over all the deals we approve. This means that there are no investors to convince, no time delays due to insufficient funding and no project too large. Avatar controls more than $100 million in funds with which to make hard money loans, meaning that if your project qualifies for a loan through Avatar, you can receive funding in days. Our average close time is 2 weeks from inception, but we can fund deals on the fly. If you have a hard money (real-estate backed) loan that fits our terms and rates and is within our specific loan products, gather your loan's information and submit your loan online. We answer responses within 24 hours, but can offer even faster turnaround Mon-Fri. A Straightforward Approach to Brokers and Borrowers Brokers If you are a commercial loan officer or broker, you'll find Avatar to be an excellent direct hard money funding source. We recognize the value of research and services you perform for your clients and strive to offer you and your clients the highest level of customer service. For our preferred brokers, we offer regular emails detailing recent closings, so you can see the kind of loans that will work best with Avatar. You are provided with a toll free line for priority service. When you submit loan completed loan requests, you will have fast answers (usually same day) as to whether your client is a good match for Avatar. Once you have submitted your client's complete loan package, Avatar can offer you documented ready-to-fund times of 2 weeks or less. We move fast, treat you and your client with respect, and help you close more business. Welcome to Avatar - we look forward to working with you! Borrowers If you are looking for a hard money loan on your own, Avatar is ready to help. We understand that your expertise lies in your core business, not necessarily in hard money lending. We also know that commercial hard money loans can be accomplished with a little effort on your part and some help on ours. By contacting Avatar directly, you gain the advantage of speaking directly with the funding source. You get to explain your specific request, business, or other situation as no one else can. And when you get an answer, you can be sure that it is the final answer. Avatar's approach to working with borrowers is simple: we offer you excellent customer service, support you in completing your loan application, and provide you with fast, reliable answers about your loan. With regular, clear communication, we can fund your loan quickly. Whether you are a hard money commercial broker or a borrower, you'll find Avatar a refreshing change from business as usual.

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$5,000,000 - $10,000,000
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Jerry Zevenbergen

Executive Officer

T.R. Hazelrigg IV


Jason Homme

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