Bridge Capital Management

Bridge Capital Management focuses on investment opportunities whose success does not require a particular economic environment nor does it depend on a rising real estate market. Instead, Bridge seeks to capitalize on creating opportunities arising out of increasing demand that can be sustained even in the face of a recession or a decline in general real estate values. This is achieved by concentrating on property types whose demand is driven by major demographic trends. These demographic trends ensure a continuing demand for certain types of real estate regardless of the condition of the overall economy. Bridge clients are astute investors who capitalizes on these trends can enjoy downside protection throughout economic cycles.

Managing Director

Dan Brewer

Has over 25 years of business experience, including 11 years in a business consulting and management role for Accenture, 20+ years in business development and a successful 17 year track record in real estate investment, capital acquisition, and consulting. He has extensive knowledge of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and how to utilize TIF to facilitate development and generate capital for municipalities and developers. His real estate industry experience includes: • Single family investment properties. The properties are purchased at wholesale prices, rehabilitated and sold to investors or to individuals in need of non-traditional mortgage financing. His company has purchased, rehabilitated and resold hundreds of homes. • Real estate lending. Hundreds of asset-based loans have been provided on investment properties in 13 states and Mexico out of a $25MM private equity fund for which Dan raised the capital. He also placed a number of commercial loans for clients. • A realty company. The traditional residential realty company provided services to Dan’s other entities, the residential investment community and retail clients. • Commercial real estate investment. His company focused on the purchase, rehabilitation, development and sale of undervalued commercial properties. -Private Equity Fund Manager. His current funds focus on the security and consistent returns of residential real estate debt and real estate’s most resilient and in demand asset class senior living facility development. Dan has extensive residential and commercial development experience, and has been involved in developments in multiple states. He has particular expertise in project planning and management, business development, financial analysis and capital acquisition and utilization. He is often consulted to help formulate and critique business plans and provide his perspective on various real estate investments. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Director of Operations

Mark Shader

Results-oriented professional with over 30 years experience managing projects and businesses across a variety of industries including: software, construction, real estate finance, internet, healthcare, telecommunications, government, manufacturing, and consumer products. Specialties: Program and project management, business analysis, process improvement, software implementations, product development, business development, account management, strategic planning, performance management, team development, and financial and market analysis.

Key Focus Areas
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