Fairway America

Fairway America is the nation’s leading authority in the small balance real estate pooled investment space, offering advisory, consulting, administration, and investments, serving the needs of both fund managers and accredited investors.

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Equity syndication/Club Deal

Matthew Burk

Matthew Burk is founder and CEO of Fairway America and its related companies, and Chief Investment Officer of Fairway America Fund VII, LP. Matt is the world’s foremost authority in the field of non-institutional sized real estate asset based strategies and structures, particularly around 506 Regulation D pooled investment funds and syndications. He has lead Fairway’s investment team for more than 25 years in closing nearly 1,000 SBRE transactions and raising several hundred million dollars between Fairway’s proprietary pooled investment funds and individual transactions.


Darris Cassidy

Darris grew up in the real estate finance business, literally, as the son of a successful 35-year + commercial mortgage banker. A Portland area native, Darris graduated from Gonzaga University with a BA in Finance. He began his career with HomeStreet Bank in Seattle and then Bank of the West, and swiftly became one of the top producers at the bank. Having more of an entrepreneurial itch than most bankers, took a position as CFO of one of his large bank clients, a sizable regional home builder. He took the lead role in working with the firm’s banks, lenders and investors both as the company grew rapidly up until 2008 and during the downturn afterward as the firm experienced many of the challenges prevailing in real estate at the time.


Lance Pederson

Lance Pederson has been with Fairway America since its inception in 2008 as the successor to Fairway Commercial Mortgage. As COO, as well as a principal of the Company, Lance brings an extensive background in leadership, administration, financial management, IT, and operations.

General Counsel

Jay Zollinger, who has worked with Fairway America and its management team for several years, serves as Fairway’s General Counsel, and oversees the company’s legal affairs. Jay is a practical, business minded lawyer who leverages skills honed over years of practicing law at the highest levels to help his clients achieve and exceed their business goals. Through his law firm,


Stevens Kellen

Managing Director

Cassidy Darris

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