Heartland, LLC

We are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in market and financial analysis, urban planning, law, finance, real estate valuation, development, design, public policy, transactions and venture structures. We are passionate about creating innovative ways to improve the performance of organizations and communities with each new project. The strength of the Heartland team is in the diversity of our experience. We have owned, managed and invested in real estate. We have provided a range of real estate services on projects across the country and internationally. With such a varied history, we are constantly learning and bring this perspective to bear on every engagement. At Heartland, we hold education, both of ourselves and of others, as one of our greatest values and contributions we can make to organizations and the community. From the founding of the UW Certificate in Commercial Real Estate Program to pro-bono engagement with community groups, the circular process of learning and teaching epitomizes Heartland's culture of intellectual curiosity. Heartland provides a full range of real estate advisory services. In some cases, we provide additional capacity to organizations requiring more depth or breadth in real estate. In others, we are a sounding board and advisor for families, companies and agencies seeking to maximize the value of their policies, portfolios or properties. In every instance, we strive to navigate challenges and maximize opportunities through asking questions, testing assumptions and aligning team members toward a shared vision and effective implementation. Generally we are engaged to provide services in one or more of the following categories: Strategies Analysis Predevelopment Project Management Transactions Investments

Real Estate Specialization
Residential Income
Investment Type
JV partnership
Acquisition/Fee Simple
Investment Style
Typical Deal Size
$5,000,000 - $10,000,000

James Reinhardsen

Key Focus Areas
Acquisitions Asset Management Development Financial Analysis Real Estate Research Urban Planning Advisory
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