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ZT Wealth is an extensive and powerful network of financial management experts dedicated to smart and reliable investment. Our strategy is not only original, it’s successful—we invest in what we control. By managing our own investments, we ensure that you thrive with us, now and in the future. Our unparalleled experience is coupled with strong client relationships to create a foundation for long-term financial prosperity. Our skilled financial advisors align your short-term, long-term and personal financial goals through traditional investment strategies like stocks and bonds, which encourage healthy portfolio growth. The ZT team has enhanced this traditional approach for over a decade by offering clients to invest in private equity projects that are operated and controlled by ZT Wealth and/or its affiliates. We are not brokers who are merely interested in a commission; we are operators and partners in your success. Securities offered through MHA Financial Corp., Member FINRA/SIPC | 4 Pheasant Hill St., Westwood, MA 02090

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Taseer Badar

Taseer Badar was born with the DNA of an entrepreneur. An immigrant himself, from an early age, Taseer pursued the American Dream. He began several small businesses in high school and college, where he learned how to build trust and exercise financial discipline. After finishing his B.A. in entrepreneurship and finance from Texas A&M, he joined Morgan Stanley in New York. His clients trusted him because he was deeply passionate about their success and had a big picture focus. During this time, he realized building an owner-operator private equity firm that could yield higher returns, especially a firm that embodied his key values, including strong passion for the customer, constant innovation, winning selfless attitude, and sharp focus on execution. Taseer formed ZT Wealth in 1997 to offer unique investor-owner opportunities to clients. The company has a diverse investment portfolio that its owns and operates including its flagship operations, Altus Healthcare, a multi-disciplinary Healthcare services provider, ZT Financial Services, ZT Motors, ZT Restaurants, and more. ZT Wealth has grown into a $600+ million business adding 50 plus new individual businesses to its portfolio. Taseer has also helped raise funds and made significant contributions to advance his passion for healthcare through the Altus Foundation, which provides millions in free healthcare for local communities.

Executive Officer

Kraig Killough

An expert in personal and corporate financial advisory and an alumnus of the University of Michigan, Kraig Killough began his financial career in 1993 and then progressed to Morgan Stanley, where he rose to the position of Senior Vice President and Compliance Officer prior to becoming a principal partner of ZT Global Investments. Under Kraig’s direction, ZT Wealth professionals analyze growth objectives and generate sustainable revenues for corporate and individual clients by considering the full scope of their financial situation. This all-inclusive, integrated approach is at the heart of ZT Wealth. With this vision, Kraig structures sound and comprehensive strategies for asset protection, retirement planning and wealth management. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ZT Wealth, Kraig oversees the entire company’s growth and performance. His strategic project planning and team-building continue to ensure success for ZT Wealth and for client-investors around the world. Additionally, Kraig approaches asset allocation and business expansion with a blend of traditional, time-tested strategies and innovative ideas. Among ZT Wealth clientele, he is well known for his ability to pinpoint the best practices and find the right people to manage the growth of a company or medical practice. As the COO of both ZT Wealth and Altus Health, Kraig sets the standard for a patient-focused approach to healthcare and the empowerment of physician-investors. Kraig designed and developed the corporate structure and operations at Altus Health. His efforts made possible Altus’ rapid growth from three employees in 2004 to more than 800 today. Kraig serves on the Board of Directors for the Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation, which assists youth by providing arts and cultural programs, and is also a Client Advisory Board Member for Trinet HR Services.

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Fahad Ghaffar

Fahad Ghaffar began his career at ZT Wealth in 2005 after meeting CEO Taseer Badar while interning at a law firm. Fahad’s entrepreneurial spirit and talent for business development earned him a prestigious internship with ZT Wealth and he quickly advanced to his current position as Senior Vice President of Finance and Banking. When clients approach Fahad with their complex financial needs, he considers where they are now and where they want to be in the future before making any decisions. Fahad approaches every project with determination, making great problem-solving his first priority. For this reason, his clients find it easy to communicate with him and trust him with their finances. In addition to his propensity for finance and banking, Fahad prides himself on his strategic thinking and project management. At ZT Wealth, Fahad oversees project and construction management in the U.S. and abroad, manages the purchase of properties, structures new deals on loans and jumbo mortgages and acts as a consultant for start-up business plans for individual clientele. He also serves as the point person for Altus Health facilities and the banking world. To date, Fahad has secured in excess of $200 million in structured finance. An alumnus of Texas Southern University, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration, Fahad proudly supports Texas educational initiatives, including the Texas Citizens Foundation and Development in Literacy Foundation.


Bilal Saeed

When Bilal Saeed came to the U.S. from the United Kingdom in 2007, he immediately joined ZT Wealth where he has been ever since. Bilal is known by staff and clientele as a fantastic problem solver. Whatever the problem, he provides accurate solutions that create growth for ZT Wealth and its financial ventures. Whether preparing financial statements, quarterly reports, year-end audits, cost planning or dealing with external auditors, Bilal is timely and reliable. It’s no surprise that Bilal plays a major role in every aspect of ZT Wealth’s finances, overseeing all internal auditing, financial accuracy, cash management, budgeting and forecasting. He works above and beyond what’s necessary to achieve the financial goals of ZT Wealth and its clientele. Bilal strives to learn something new every day and enjoys teaching and mentoring his junior accountants. An expert in his field, Bilal specializes in document preparation and review for business plans, bank loans and lines of credit. Before joining ZT Wealth, Bilal was an accountant for an import and export company in the United Kingdom. Before that, he brought his expertise to a variety of multinational companies in Europe and Asia, serving as an accountant and auditor. His experience makes him especially apt at fulfilling international accounting and auditing standards as U.S. financial companies continue to explore a global market. Bilal’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a postgraduate diploma in Computer System Auditing from London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. With his extensive experience, knowledge and warm personality, Bilal is an essential member of ZT Wealth’s growing team.


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