K2 NFT Collection

Announcing K2 Expedition NFT collection drop

Olga Koroleva is a mountaineer and an AI entrepreneur. Olga summited her first mountain when she was 7 years old and since then summited 37 highest mountains around the world.

In 2019 she summited Mt Everest unguided and in 2021 became the 1st Russian/3rd American woman to summit K2, the second highest and what’s considered the most challenging mountain on the planet.

She is releasing a collection of seven 1/1 AI-enhanced photographs taken at altitudes of 5,000-8,000 meters during her recent K2 expedition.

This collection represents that there are no limits to human capabilities. Mountains teach us to overcome limitations, take calculated risks, face extreme conditions, and discover new routes without getting lost.

When we are standing on tops of the world, there is a feeling of calm, quiet strength, and a belief that everything in life is possible.

Just believe and keep climbing.

Opensea: Camp 2. 6,700 m/22,200 ft

Opensea: Camp 3. 7,330 m/24,000 ft

Opensea: Advanced Base Camp. 5,300 m/17,400 ft

Opensea: Base Camp. 4,900 m/16,400 ft

Opensea: Camp 3. 7,330 m/24,000 ft

Opensea: Base Camp. 4,900 m/16,400 ft

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