Principles: Life and Work, by Ray Dalio

Category: Mindset, Business

Ideas I found interesting:

Success doesn’t come from achieving goals but from struggling well. Noone is different, some people are just better at accepting the reality and evolving thru pain. Clinical objectivity – be evidence-based and just deal with reality in a productive way. Instantly achieving your goal won’t make you happy, it’s about the process of struggling that makes you happy.

Don’t get hung up on how things should be because you’ll miss how things really are no emotions, nonattachment.

We all are vehicles for evolution.

Reality/Nature optimizes for the whole, not for the individual but most people judge the events based on how they effect them.

Reality tends not to reward those who detract from evolution. We go thru a never ending process of adaptation and reinvention so no need to be sad or attached.

Life doesn’t give a damn if you are hurting or what you like/want. Most things in life are just “another one of those” so whatever, just deal with it.

Don’t confuse desires with goals. Most often desires stand in a way of goals.

I am the designer of the machine that is life.

Don’t let pain stand in the way of progress. You will evolve faster if you feel pain by choosing to see the painful truth vs delusion. It’s just a game – trying to figure out the lesson in every pain. Use pain for quality reflections. Then improve based on your analysis.

Stop seeing struggling as smth negative -life’s greatest things come out of struggling -a test for creativity and strength.

You cannot expect people behave in ways that are against their nature. Before dealing with people learn their nature first to avoid pain in the future from unrealistic expectations.

I am a conductor of the orchestra – all the people in my life who should be in right places to help me achieve my goal – and get rid of people who don’t play the music well.

Everything looks bigger up close so step back or let some time pass to gain perspective.

Make expected value calculations to optimize/expend energy well.

In order to be great one cannot compromise the uncompromisable.

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