Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future, by Hermant Taneja

Category: Business

Ideas I found interesting:

Build efficient factory, distribution channel, marketing expertise, supply chain – then rent it to others.

Now building a house is like ordering a custom shirt. Should be – like buying a car with custom features.

Become platform so others can build on top:

The small builders’ core responsibilities will be limited to land acquisition, sales, and branding. No more, or at least far less, fussing with subs and myriad suppliers. Because the factories will serve many builders, they’ll achieve economies of scale in purchasing products, which will help level the playing field for small builders competing with big builders.

In the platform market one company usually takes most of the market.

Technology will allow small builders to deliver better housing more quickly and less expensively. In other words, housing will be better, faster, and cheaper, which is what technology-driven innovation is all about.

Install sensors or panel that would control all functions within house or cartridges?

How to deal with pipeline anticipation? Not to build extra but to order. But then how do we scale up?

UberEats and Rent Kitchens – unscaling restaurants.

Like 3D plant example of making a Nike shoe – stores are showrooms and the actual shoe is not made until bought. But the master planners already do it. “Distributed manufacturing”. Shift from company factories to smaller automated on-demand manufacturing.

Massive unbranding: Zara building on demand to individualize or are we tackling the mass market? Etsy, non-Walmart, microbreweries, unbranding, all selling a focused product line to a niche market. Mass customization – like Stich Fix – custom houses how so the consumer could personalize?

From scaled large farms to urban smaller farms closer to consumer that utilize robots to grow food and customers subscribe to receive food directly.

Like if we set up a digital database of health info for all humans, doctors will become personalized data processors/service providers.

Healthcare, Energy, Education – all were set up using factory approach to sell the same product to masses. No with unscaling – sell individualized product.

Banking – startups rent scale from large banks by plugging into their APIs.

Media – personalized news of one.

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