Machine Learning Capital Brain creates machine-driven investment strategies
for the commercial real estate industry
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What We Do
Capital is a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning space for the U.S. commercial real estate industry. The core Capital Brain code -- combining Natural Language Processing Algorithms with Semantic Indexing and Search Technology -- reads structured and unstructured market data, marries it with the internal company and portfolio data, and then searches for patterns to identify predictive analytics (forecast).

Since 2013 we have been training our algorithms on unstructured data from over 1 million articles on CRE and structured data from third-party sources. We are achieving high accuracy rate, which is attributed to the fact that the algorithm is geared towards the commercial real estate industry and trained to recognize industry-specific metrics and terminology.
AI/ML Underwriting and Valuation Models
We automate underwriting, valuation, budgeting/forecasting, and unstructured text abstraction (leases, news, title insurance policies, earnings releases). Then we enhance the investment process with AI/ML. By partnering with Capital Brain, you will be working with AI/ML pioneer for US commercial real estate. For an ongoing fee we will customize and license our AI/ML valuation models to your real estate firm or, if you wish, act as a co-GP for your fund.
Custom Financial Products
The company developed a series of AI/ML-powered investment strategies focused on asset-heavy industries. These strategies create efficiencies, show above index returns and decrease asset management fee. Reach out if you are looking to create an investment product for your institutional investors, we’d love to build it for you.