We Build
Home Factory, Inc
Is an innovative full-service construction and development firm with projects in California. We are bringing efficiencies to the broken construction industry by applying our knowledge in the real estate artificial intelligence and automation that we developed while building Capital Brain. We care about building beautiful properties. We believe that to mitigate the effect on the environment is to build in a sustainable manner. We help with the California housing shortage one house at a time.
2D Framing Panels Factory
Home Factory completes most of the framing/plumbing/electrical portions of the work off-site at the new factory thus achieving shorter house delivery time and lower cost. Panels are built as the foundation is being poured; project goes through regular inspections and no special separate set of plans is required.
Development Projects
California is mired in the housing crisis of epic proportions. Home Factory team and investors are passionate about our communities. That’s why the first major development project was in Santa Rosa, CA which suffered from devastating fires in 2017 when the area lost 5% of its housing stock, only exacerbating the housing shortage. We are now expanding through partnerships with other real estate developers to build more housing.


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